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Welcome To My All Around Handyman Website

Hello, I am Steve Michaels.  Over the past 30 years, I have plied my trades as an all around handyman and musician playing my trumpet.  My trades have taken me to different parts of the US but I now reside in Duluth, Georgia.  I pride myself on providing you with affordable, reliable, and dependable handyman services.  I possess a solid background of satisfied customer references who stands by my work.  I am ready to help you with your household needs.

Has Your Household To Do List Gotten Out Of Control?
I am experienced in a variety of handyman tasks:
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Kitchen, bath or any room in your home
  • Painting, maintenance, repair, upgrade,install, and more.  From your BIG remodeling job to your small product assembly project.


Do You Have Plumbing Needs?

I bet you didn't know most water heaters that aren't too old can be refurbished instead of replaced?  I can save you hundreds of dollars by merely replacing the water heating elements, thermostat, flush and drain the calcium water deposits from out of your existing water heater.  Water calcium deposits buildup makes the water heater use more energy.  Periodic draining and flushing your water heater will remove the calcium deposit buildup.  I can fix your existing leaky faucets instead of replacing them or install new water efficient faucets for a total upgrade.  I can also install new water efficient shower heads and toilets which can save you money on your household water expenses and help save the environment.

Are you in need of replacing your wobbly toilet seat?  How about your shower curtain rods or doors?  Are they loose and in need of repair or an upgrade?  Is the caulk moldy or grout missing from around your bath tub or shower tile in need of repair?  Does your garbage disposal need replacing?  I can help you with those needs.

Do you have a water line replacement need?  I can cut water lines off from the top of a concrete slab and reinstall them above ground for easier maintenance and repair.


Is Your Home Running Electrically Efficient?

Five To 10% of residential electricity goes into lighting.  I can help you save on your monthly utility bills by replacing old lighting fixtures with new efficient ones as does replacing old appliances with new more energy efficient home appliances such as window air conditioners, refrigerators and washing machines.  How about that old dimmer light switch?  Old dimmer light switches use more energy than new ones.

I can rebuild your old breaker box to avoid fire hazards.  Do you need to install that new HDTV Plasma Screen TV for a home entertainment center?  I can help you with your household electrical needs.




Any real estate agent will tell you the 2 most important selling points in your home is the kitchen and bath rooms.  I can help keep the equity up on your home your most important investment in today's housing market.  I can guide you through a partial upgrade or total remodel of your kitchen, bath or any room in your home.  Please visit my photo gallery pages to see some of the partial upgrade and total remodel work I have done.


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