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Energy Wise
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Energy Wise

Over the years I have learned a few easy money saving tricks I'd like to pass on to you.


Appliances account for about 20% of your household's energy consumption.

Full refrigerators and freezers work more efficiently.  Visit your favorite supermarket website to view their weekly sales flyer.  Buy foods such as meat, milk, butter, cheese, frozen vegetables and fruits, bread any type of food that will freeze well.  Buying on sale and in bulk keeps food costs down, saves on multiple trips to the store and helps reduce the amount of energy needed to keep a sparse refrigerator cold.  Buying in bulk can also help make weekly meal planning easier by already having what you'll need stocked in the freezer or frige. Though remember to not block the air flow vents in the freezer.

Purchase applicances displaying the bright yellow and black Energy Star label.  Energy Star products usually exceed minimum federal standards by a substantial amount.  Americans with the help of Energy Star saved enough energy in 2007 alone to avoid greenhouse gas emissions equivalent of those from 27 million cars all while saving $16 billion on their utility bills.

Whenever possible turn off the lights when the air conditioning is on.  It's always good to turn off unused lights to save energy and money.  But during the warmer weather months appliances, lights, tools, and electronic devices all generates heat and makes your air conditioning work harder. 

Don't let electrical outlet sockets become loose.  Wires inside the socket can loosen and fray causing heat buildup on the wires which can result in electrical shock and fire hazard.



Don't use hot water to rinse dishes before putting them in the dishwasher.  Flushing hot water down the drain mixed with greasy food residue causes fast buildup in the drain pipes and ultimately clogged drains.  Most dishwasher manufacturers recommend just scraping the food off dishes before loading.  Modern dishwashing detergents are designed to lift small bits of leftover food remains from dishes during the wash cycle.  Air dry instead of heat drying dishes.

Garbage disposals are meant for leftover food on dishes not cleaning out old food from the refrigerator.    Keep your sink drain pipes free of buildup by using a bacterial drain and trap cleaner such as Roebic K-67.  K-67 is biodegradable, non-corrosive and ideal for plastic pipes.  Bacterial drain and trap cleaners works through bacterial and enzymatic action.  K-67 contains no harsh chemicals and will not harm natural bacteria in septic tanks.


Forty four percent of junk mail is thrown away unopened and only 22% percent of it gets recycled.  Reducing the amount of junk mail you receive will save energy, natural resources, landfill space, tax dollars and most of all your precious personal time.  You can stop some of the constant flow of junk mail you receive.  For junk mail offers containing postage paid envelopes circle your name and address then clearly print next to it "Please remove my name and address from mailing list". Mail it back to the company that sent you the offer in their postage paid envelope and they will remove you from their mailing list.   Over time you will begin to notice receiving less and less junk mail because your name and address will be removed from many national direct marketing rented mailing lists.

Also you can use the blank backs of printed paper materials in junk mail for note scratch paper which will save you money on buying note paper plus you'll at least get some use out of all the wasted paper coming into your mailbox from unwanted junk mail. 


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